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“Glimmer Consulting” is an award-winning agency renowned for its excellence in service reliability, and well-founded expertise.
Whether you are students, parents and people from different backgrounds looking for a new found love in a career path of your choice, we can assure you that you have come to the right place!

Our team possesses vast expertise, in acquiring and distributing reliable information about the different universities that there is to offer:

• Reliable and up-to-date information about different educational programmes offered in the United Kingdom.
• Extensively covering programs.
• Admission criteria and requirement.
• Accommodation details.

Studying in the UK puts you in a strategic position in the economic climate. In the midst of evolving technology, to newest developments, and an exceptional multicultural environment in your surroundings! The United Kingdom is one of the top leading destinations for further and higher education. Every year drawing thousands of students, research analysts and graduates all across the world.

Our universities and colleges are amongst the best in the world with a high consistent performance in world rankings. Colleges and universities throughout the UK have a well renowned reputation for delivering world-class research, while offering substantial career opportunities to students and professionals alike.

Applying for a degree or diploma programme may prove quite difficult or complicated at the best of times – this is where “Glimmer Consulting” comes in, we are here to put your mind at ease!

We are your guiding light to professional excellence, advice and enlightenment!

The world is a vast pool of knowledge and full of untapped reserves of overwhelming potential!

With the advantage of technology and communications moving at a much faster pace, we are now able to share a globalised community that is connected with diverse cultural values, ethics, and the desire to move forward!


We strive to accommodate students from all culturally diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.


Our team at “Glimmer Consulting” works hard from the very core.

We are admired for our values of trust, honesty, and reliability!

As well as our highly skilled services, on a professional basis we aspire to create long lasting relationships with all our clients and partners, this gives our agency a more personal bond with each and every individual.

We believe that with honesty, determination, and a strong work ethic we can grow into the World’s Most Trusted Educational Consultancy!


When it comes to values within our company we aim to reach further and beyond in everything that we do, this keeps our work ethic at the highest level:

• Trusted advisors.
• Well respected.
• Flexible.
• Experienced.
• Known for being one of the top companies within the industry.
• High value outcomes.
• Professional approach at all times


“Glimmer Consulting” is experienced in providing consultant services within the industry. Our aim is to help you achieve your educational goal into your reality! Whether you’re wanting to expand your qualifications in a career that you already love or to start from the beginning and start your new phase of life.

No job is too big or too small – we are more than happy to help and assist you! We offer a greater range of information about courses and educational institutions in the UK than any other education adviser.

We are able to offer a vast range of information about the courses and educational institutions throughout the UK – more than any other education adviser! Our extensive office network is expanded internationally!

Our consulting agency offers all of our individuals knowledge and informative advice. For a full range of educational opportunities including:

  • Universities
  •  Private Colleges
  •  Schools

We offer a free enrolment services to each individual that applies with us. It is also our job to make the financial side easier for you by helping to find funding, scholarships and grant’s so you ware able to turn your dream into a reality!

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