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At Glimmer Consulting, we simplify the entire application processes for myriad courses offered at different universities throughout the UK.  With Glimmer, applying at universities is as easy as never before!


Our career experts are experienced in providing accurate assessment of a candidate’s profile in order to help simplify the process of making the right academic choice! At Glimmer Consulting, our analysts evaluate a candidate’s career objectives; carry out a thorough case study of the past academic records, and help achieve the following information:

  • Course selection and course details such as learning style, tutoring structure, curriculum and content of course, part-time work placements during period of study, and securement of jobs after graduation
  • Inquiring accurate and useful information during open-day visits to assess campus life and environment for suitability
  • Counseling on how to make the best choice once the results are out. And providing back-up insurance offers on a course in case of an unsuitable scenario.


Candidates need to thoroughly understand how career choices will impact their future in the long run. Our experienced consultants help choose the right course from a wide range of courses that best suits a candidate’s skill set.

Courses have varying types― some are vocational and help students get straight into a career like nursing and accountancy. There may be courses that are more academic; centred on subjects that you may have already covered in high school like geography or literature. Course selection requires more research than just reading off the titles on a website online.

At Glimmer Consulting, we help students narrow down the best option. For instance, if you’re a person who is interested in construction and has a creative skill set, then we would advise and help you choose a building design management course rather than a construction project management course.

Varying Entry Requirements

Many universities offer same courses. However, they have different entry requirements. Our experts will offer information about different entry requirements and will contact the universities so if you need any advice or assistance.

Modes of Study

Many universities offer different styles of course learning to establish flexibility for students that may be working along with their course study. Following are the three flexible options to choose from:

  • Full-time study
  • Part-time study
  • eLearning or distance learning courses

Also, students can customise their course program with the subjects they may like to study but not necessarily pursue as a career. Most degree courses are modular, meaning that they comprise of a different set of subjects to meet the particular areas of interest. These modules could be selected at the time of admission and can be delivered through various seminars, workshops and lectures.


It is important to understand that this is the most crucial step involved in pursuing education abroad! You’ll be leaving the convenience of your hometown and the luxury of your home. Candidates need to be aware of all the realistic aspects related to getting enrolled at an institution in a foreign country.

Our experts help select the best options in terms of accommodation, tuition fee, scholarship and other course funding options. We advise and help candidates to extensively research on the universities of their choice. Information such as the location, course structure and facilities offered at the campus should be considered in detail before finalising the options. This could be achieved by attending open day visits and acquiring information as much as possible!


Preparing a personal statement is the most important phase of the application process. This personal statement reflects the untapped potential in a student and help admission panelists to shortlist your profile as most agreeable. In the statement letter, a candidate needs to cover areas such as why they have chosen the applied program for their course study and what they plan to do with it once they have completed it. And why specifically choose the applied university?

Important Aspects of a Statement Letter

“What Makes You Suitable For This Course?”

This is a very significant part of your statement letter and almost about 75% of the personal statement should be covering about your past academic records and explanation as to why you are best suited for the program. Candidates should write more about what they’ve done outside the classroom and how best they have contributed to the subject so far.

The other 25% of the document should focus around extra-curricular activities and any other voluntary efforts or relevant work experience you may have. For instance, if you’re pursuing a course in Literature then you could mention any literary competitions or communities that you have engaged with. If you have a blog or any other publications of your own, do mention them as well.


Interviews are opportunities that greatly enable prospective students to outshine the entire application process. This is the chance when you can create a lasting impression on the admission panelists!

At Glimmer Consulting, our experts help prospective students prepare for the significant day with our years of experience. Students are prepared for the interview by addressing the following details:

  • Course and University Background- we help candidates master and understand a general outlook of the course prospect and the institution’s ideology
  • Self-confidence- we help candidates to carry themselves with confidence right as they walk in to the interview room! The profile analysis initially carried out with the candidate helps them convey their thoughts more openly. And help explain their past academic choices with confidence.
  • Dress code and Prompt Arrival- we advise prospective students to dress formally and comfortably to ensure peace of mind while looking disciplined. We advise students to search up the location prior to leaving for the interview and ahead of time to prevent any unfavourable situations.


At Glimmer Consulting, our experts never leave your side and stay with you till the very end!

Once all the hard work is done and the entire application process is completed, the results start coming in and candidates may get their offer letters. Mostly universities notify a candidate’s application status via email, so you may be provided with further instructions likewise.

Our team of experts helps how best to respond to the offers and how to go about the next steps into securing your rightful admission to the institution!

Please send the following documents to: info@glimmer.consulting

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