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All higher education institutes in the UK require an acceptable IELTS score from international applicants; non-native English speakers.

Our premium services cover exhaustive, classroom-based preparation for IELTS tests. Our training program is designed to be result-efficient and specific to every student’s needs. We ensure this training program is made as feasible as possible while offering flexible hours for preparation. We utilize learning material which is based on up-to-date and well-researched information; an extensive book collection, and multiple mock tests that are designed to deliver perfection.

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Quick Tips For The Test Day

Here are a few tips in the discussion that will help you perform your best on the actual test day:

Be Prepared and Arrive on Time- It is highly advised to double check on the time and date provided for the test to ensure you reach the test centre at the time. Also, make sure you have all the important and necessary documents before you leave for the centre. Candidates that are late or arrive with a wrong ID card will not be allowed to sit for the exam.

Stay Calm and Composed- Try to stay relaxed, and calm your nerves. Being nervous or agitated will only add up to more trouble and not let you do your best. Take deep breaths. And consult the staff at the centre if you have any last-minute queries.

Instructions- Read and follow all the instructions carefully! There are no breaks in between the Listening, Reading and Writing tests which take 2 hours and 40 minutes to complete. Make sure you have turned off your smartphone and kept it safely with your belongings that are kept outside the test room. Always listen to the supervisor carefully and do what you are instructed to. Read all the questions carefully!

Time Yourself- Timing yourself during the test is the smartest way to go about it! Stay aware of the time by consulting the wall cock in the room since wrist watches are not allowed. Don’t exceed the allocated time for each question.

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