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The world is a vast pool of knowledge and full of untapped reserves of overwhelming potential. With the advancement of technology and communications, we now share a globalised community that is connected with diverse cultural values, ethics, and the ardent desire to move forward!

The United Kingdom is one of the top leading destinations for higher education; drawing thousands of students, research analysts and graduates all across the world. Our universities and colleges are among the best in the world with a consistent performance in world rankings. Our institutes have a sound reputation for delivering world-class research while offering substantial career opportunities to students and professionals alike.

Studying in the UK puts you in a strategic position in the economic climate; in the midst of evolving technology, newest developments, and in an exceptionally multicultural environment! But applying for degree programs and diplomas may prove quite complicated at times― admission benchmarks, accommodation details, and so and so!

Glimmer Consulting is your guiding light to enlightenment and professional excellence!

Glimmer Consulting is a professional student recruitment and consultancy business. We are striving to provide students and parents with reliable and up-to-date information about different educational programs offered in the United Kingdom. The team at Glimmer possesses vast expertise in acquiring and distributing reliable information about different universities; extensively covering programs, admission criteria and requirements, and accommodation details.

Glimmer Consulting is an award-winning agency renowned for its excellence in service, reliability, and well-founded expertise.

Who we are?

The United Kingdom is deemed as one of the world’s most popular destinations to pursue higher education. Bringing together a total of 395 universities and colleges, UK offers over 50,000 undergraduate programs and other higher education courses to students all across the Globe.

And that’s why Glimmer Consulting believes in helping and empowering students in this noble pursuit!

Headquartered in London, Glimmer Consulting is a reliable International Education and Consulting organization that strives to provide high-value services. Since its establishment, Glimmer Consulting has successfully recruited students with its vast network of prestigious institutions. We have helped international organizations in student recruitment, market research, intuitional tie-ups, and unlocking better business opportunities.

Glimmer Consulting is an International consulting organization with excellent credentials that provides value-based services from the foundation year. We are one of the leading international Student Consultancy & Solutions Company based in London. Glimmer Consulting has the biggest network of offices in UK and Romania. We have been assisting international institutes in student recruitment, market research, institutional tie-ups and exploring new business opportunities.

Mission, Vision & Values


At Glimmer, we strive to facilitate students from all culturally diverse backgrounds, while delivering a high-value experience developed over years of unswerving service for a far-reaching clientele.


The team at Glimmer Consulting is driven by the core values of trust, honesty, and reliability! We strive to not only serve our clients with the best of academic and career solutions but also aspire to create lasting relationships with our clients and partners. We believe that with honesty, determination, and a strong work ethic we can grow into the World’s Most Trusted Educational Consultancy!

  • Known for a professional approach towards doing business.
  • Known for high-value outcomes.
  • Known for being one of the top companies within the industry.


  • Respected
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Glimmer Consulting is experienced in providing Consultancy Services within the Industry. We discuss your “Whole-of-life” education experience with you and help you achieve your long term educational goal. We offer a greater range of information about courses and educational institutions in the UK than any other education adviser. We offer advice and free enrolment services for a full range of educational opportunities including Universities, Private Colleges, and Schools. Glimmer Consulting helps the student to find and get scholarships. Extensive Office network which is expanded not just nationally but internationally.